The Wesley Centre

A welcoming place, to meet, to pray and to perform

As the Methodist Church in the town centre, the members of Wesley Chapel have always sought to express their faith and values by serving the whole community, presenting opportunities for all to give as well as receive.

Our location offers a platform for engagement with community and volunteer services, civic concerns, and commercial enterprises.

Our Vision

It is our desire that through the Wesley Centre there will be imaginative witness and engagement with the weekday world that passes by in great numbers and become a place of meeting between sacred and secular; where faith and spirituality is relevant to workplace, government, business, social and community needs.

We are also seeking to offer a variety of different worship styles at the Wesley Centre, not only through the traditional Methodist Circuit, but also with other Christian groups with whom we are developing good working relationships.

The development of the new Wesley Centre offers significant opportunities – today’s society is flexible and fast moving – so the church needs to be equally flexible and increasingly inclusive and relevant now and in the future. That flexibility will have to be built into everything we do. Now there is a challenge!

Wesley Centre Office 
01423  509917

Oxford Street, Harrogate, North Yorkshire HG1 1PP.