Life Events

Are you thinking of a Wedding, Baptism (often called Christening) or other life event in one of our churches? The first step is to speak to the minister of the church, and you can do that by filling in the contact form below.

As Methodists, we believe that God loves each one of us and wants to be with us as we reach significant milestones in our lives. 


Most of our buildings are registered for marriages, and for those which aren’t a registrar can be arranged. Marriage is a commitment to one another, and in a church those promises are made before friends and family, and before God, as we celebrate your love for one another.

Marriage in a Methodist church will be preceded by a time of preparation, a chance to reflect on your relationship together so far, and how your love has, and will continue to grow. (As well as thinking about the big day!) 



Baptisms, (often called Christenings) or services of thanksgiving after the birth of a child, are a wonderful way to thank God for the gift of love brought in a new life. As Methodists we believe that “we love because God first loved us” and as such all are welcome to come and be baptised. As with weddings, there will be a period of preparation, which the minister will chat with you about.

As you’re promising to bring your child up in the Christian faith you may be encouraged to come along to some services with your family before the big day, so you can meet the people in the church who will be promising to make the church a place that supports you on your parenting journey. 


Other Life Events

Funerals would usually be organised directly via your undertaker, but if you’re not using an undertaker or would like to find out more just let us know. 

We can also offer renewal of wedding vowsmemorial servicesservices of thanksgiving.

If you get in touch we can help you mark your life journey in ways that help you know that you are loved. 


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