Circuit Week of Prayer (27 July – 2 August)

This day is organised for us as individuals to ask four questions. There is no special format for the day, only what you are comfortable with.

The passage that comes to mind is in Luke 10 verses 38-39
Mary, who sat at the Lord’s feet listening to what he had to say.

The four questions we need to ask for guidance after lockdown for our Individual churches if we ask these during the day of prayer.

1. What have we found we want to keep?
2. What have we found that we want to lose?
3. What have we lost that we need to re find?
4. What have we lost that needs to stay lost?


Help us to remember that you are here with us.
May we pray to you in faith
Sing your praise with gratitude,
And listen to your word with eagerness;
Through Christ our Lord. Amen

From the Methodist Worship book

Readings you might find useful

(or choose bible readings of your own)

• Genesis 1 verses 1-2
• Genesis 9 verses 8-17
• Genesis 22 verses 3-12
• Numbers 10 verses1 -7
• 1 Kings 18 verses 21-24 verse 39
• Exodus 19 verses 14- 25 Joshua 3 verse 5
• 2 Chronicles 7 verses 11-16
• Nehemiah 1 verses 1-9
• Psalm 121
• Isaiah 40 verses 1-11
• Zechariah 2 verses 1-5
• Acts 4 verses 32-36
• Romans 12
• Philippians 1 verses 3-6
• Ephesians 1 verses 15-18 3 14-20
• Hebrews 9 verses 11-14
• Revelation 19 verses 6-16


I am no longer my own but yours.
Your will, not mine, be done in all things,
wherever you may place me,
I all that I do
and in all that I may endure;
when there is work for me
and when there is none;
when I am troubled
and when I am at peace
Your will be done
when I am valued
and when I am disregarded;
when I find fulfilment
and when it is lacking;
when I have all things,
and when I have nothing.
I willingly offer
all I have and am
to serve you,
as and where you choose.
Glorious and blessed God,
Father Son and Holy Spirit,
you are mine and I am yours.
May it be so for ever.
Let this covenant now made on earth
be fulfilled in heaven.

From the Methodist Worship Book