We are blessed with beautiful grounds at Woodlands so why not celebrate and worship in them! This is exactly what we did on a sunny Sunday morning at the beginning of July.

Some 60 or more people of all ages gathered for informal praise. Sue Ross as Worship Leader put together and led everything. Peter Phillips and a small group of young people provided the music and sound was professionally organised. The Sunday school had previously written prayers of Thanksgiving and rewritten The Lords Prayer in their own words which they shared with us. We all joined in activities to raise awareness of hedgehogs, collected shades of green on Journey sticks and noted our ideas to make the garden even more Eco-friendly.

We ended by renewing our promise to continue to nurture and protect the natural world with a closing prayer and Hymn. To extend our time together we had a picnic and some sports activities for the young people. As our praise shout reminded us GOD IS HERE!