We had a great time with the Tour de France Grand Depart in Harrogate so we, at Trinity, have embraced the World Cycling Championships 2019 – all nine days of it!! Some people think we are mad – but just think of the opportunity to open up our church and fellowship to some of the thousands of people who are expected in Harrogate!

Our preparations started in January when we discussed our 140th anniversary and the WCC. I have always been a bit of a crackpot so it came as no surprise to the others when I suggested bunting and banners. If I had realised what a job it would turn out to be I, perhaps, might never have started. Anyway, the bunting is up and the banners, and a surprise, will go up in the days before the visitors arrive. You’ll have to come by to see – although I have been assured that TV will be showing our decorations! Thanks go to those who gave me old clothes, shirts, curtains etc to cut up for the bunting. Thanks also to Margaret Moorhouse for the eight hours we spent sewing the bunting on to tape. Without Stuart, Cliff and Michael the bunting would have stayed on the ground – that was the big job and they deserve a huge thank you. You should see our shopping list for the nine days – immense. Our wish list for cakes is 120. Some of us have started baking but freezer space is a problem. Elite Meat, Starbeck and Lancasters Bakery are on standby, as will be Waitrose. The Vestry will become the cake storage and sandwich making place. The magnitude of what we will be doing is just hitting home – but it is exciting!!

We will have services on each Sunday at 10.30am. We will also have services for cyclists and others each day of the Championship at 10.30am for about 20 minutes.

The races will be on our big screens all day every day. The Trinity Patchwork and Quilting group will be displaying work we have completed in recent times.

We still need volunteers to do various roles during the days of the race. Judith Yeats is collating offers so if you have time to spare, either complete one of the papers which should be available at your church, or send her an email or text. (Note from Judith, thank you to all those who have offered help and cakes so far, your contributions are much appreciated). Several people who enjoyed the fun and fellowship of the Grand Depart have signed up to help again – including my sister in law from Stoke on Trent!

This is a huge opportunity for our church to extend the hand of fellowship and Christ’s love to all who come in. We are fully committed and? ready for the total exhaustion which will catch up with us on 30th September.