It is with much appreciation that we say farewell as circuit stewards to Eleanor and Michael Borkett. Not that they are going anywhere soon. But they are both stepping down from their roles after many years of faithful service to both the old Knaresborough Circuit and the present Nidd Valley Circuit where Eleanor has been our Senior Circuit Steward for the past five years and Michael our Property Steward from its outset.

It has been a busy few years with an almost complete change of ministerial staff for NVC since Eleanor took over as Senior Circuit Steward. As those who have been involved in stationing will know, this is no mean task and Eleanor has worked tirelessly throughout this period. In fact, as I am writing, she is hanging curtains in the York Road manse, carrying out her duties to the very last. (Don’t be put off prospective circuit stewards—it isn’t a requirement of the job, just an example of Eleanor going that extra mile and her attention to detail).

A lot of things go on behind the scenes and few people know that the circuit has a car park and cemetery to attend to. Michael has always been there, looking after things unseen by the majority. We’re not losing his services entirely, he is now our Local Preachers’ Secretary and Eleanor is still sitting on various management teams.

Eleanor and Michael’s hospitality has always been remarkable: hosting meetings, suppers, parties at their home on behalf of the circuit and we circuit stewards in particular will miss our breakfasts consisting of toast made from Michael’s home-made bread—always a good start to a Monday morning.

Thank you, thank you both on behalf of everyone, we are most grateful for all that you have done, and for all that you will continue to do in the life of your church and circuit. God Bless.

Judith Yeats

Posted on: Mon, 27 Aug 2018