For some time the congregation at Kearby has held the dream that the schoolroom, which is in a poor condition, could be repaired and put to good use for Methodist purposes and for the use of the local community. With this in mind an open meeting was held in the chapel on 27 June after being publicised locally and invitations given to the village people.

We could have been disappointed with the outcome, as only five people from the village, mainly representatives of Kirkby Overblow Anglican Church, came to the meeting. However, those five people were so enthusiastic that we left the meeting feeling encouraged.

Our guests were welcomed with tea and biscuits, and a brief history of the chapel was given – how it had been built in 1809 on land that had been donated by a local farmer, Peter Harland, in the corner of his field. The cost to build the chapel was £340-19-11. The schoolroom itself was built in 1912, the cost of building being raised by donations from local people. There were reminiscences of events that had taken place in the schoolroom, and, after looking over the property, suggestions were made and ideas given as to how it could be used in the future.

It is our plan to form a committee consisting of some church council members, and some village people to investigate the possibilities of the way forward. Hopefully this will be a form of outreach, and will be a way of the two churches of Kirkby Overblow Anglican and Kearby Methodist working together more closely. We shall continue to commit this intended project to prayer.

Ivy Rogers