We started our season with Yorkshire Versatile Brass, and they certainly were! The range of music from classical to jazz to popular was amazing and each played solo at some point. We had everything from very quiet to very loud and humour as well. Highlight was Pachelbel’s Canon. After telling us they had had a request, they had ordered the music, but it would arrive too late unless delivered to the venue, (which of course it was).

After a lovely start to a lovely piece of music, we suddenly heard another melody come in, and then another until all five were playing different tunes interwoven with the Canon. Then towards the end they all came together to finish the Canon as it was written. The trombone player was the musical arranger and made them sound like a much larger group with his brilliant arrangements. The final piece had another story, the Post Horn Gallop had been requested and the Tuba player told us he knew of a pub in Knaresborough that had a Post Horn over a fireplace, so he called in on the way to see if he could borrow it. He was told ‘yes’ as long as he got it back by 9.45pm!

The cornet player examined the horn to see if it was clear and tried to get a note from it – which was more like a raspberry. Then WOW he played it to such perfection and power with the audience being the hounds and finished on an amazingly high note to tumultuous applause. What an end to a fabulous night!