Dear friends

“For such a time as this” (Esther 4:14)

We seem to spend our life planning for the future. Over Christmas the Clowes family have done their annual ‘where are we going to go for a Summer Holiday?’ chat. This year even more so people seem to be trying to plan for the future. Maybe it’s something to do with the fact that we’re no longer in the 2010s but the 2020s. The turn of a new year seems very significant.

And yet how much in life are we able to actually plan.  We can plan what we eat, wear, choose to do with each day but can we plan our health, the friendships we seek to make and maintain, our happiness?  To a certain extent the answer is yes but in many senses we cannot.  None of us know what the rest of the day will bring never mind the rest of our lives. 

I was talking with some friends the other week about people with dementia and how, in their ministry, they had begun to encounter this for the first time.  They were sharing how it is so hard when people are diagnosed but soon they are often a lot happier as they begin to live in the moment. As a circuit team, several of us were recently trained to be Dementia Friends and as a circuit I am hugely proud of how we have several different opportunities for people with dementia and those caring for them.  Hearing someone talk about their experiences for the first time reminded me how futile some of our planning is and yet we are called to do this.

However if we change the word from planning to vision then suddenly it feels different. As Christians we are called to constantly seek His vision and even when we think we’ve got it right we find that actually there was something we didn’t know. I’m sure many of you will now know that Rev Ann Fox will be leaving us at the beginning of May and therefore the plans we had in place to reorganise in time for the arrival of Rev Lesley Taylor in September need to move forward.  Change continues to happen and it will continue to do so. The scriptures teach us that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever but how many of us experience our faith in the same way we have always done. 

As a circuit we’re continuing to seek his face, to search for God’s vision and to be led by him.  As we prepare for more changes let’s pray that God will continue to walk with us on the journey of our faith.

Yours in Christ.  Ben