I’ve been really excited about the way the circuit is embracing the Dementia Friendly initiatives, and working alongside Dementia Forward. The number of people living with dementia, and living long into old age generally is increasing, and with it is a need to share the gospel with those who have additional needs. CLT have completed a Dementia Friendly training course. 

Hampsthwaite led the way and have been followed by Wesley and Gracious Street In offering specific dementia friendly cafes, and other tea and chat events around the circuit (Kirk Hammerton, Park Grove etc) provide a non-specific safe space for vulnerable people to meet and enjoy life. 

It’s looking hopeful that regular dementia friendly worship will begin to take place in the circuit in the near future. God’s love for the vulnerable is so huge, and part of the Good News is that those living with dementia can find a safe space to worship well in our churches.