If you’d gone down to the woods on Saturday 18 January, you wouldn’t have found many bears – they were all at the Trinity bear themed party enjoying themselves.

We had bear crafts, beary difficult quizzes and pawsed for fun with Catherine Clowes’ hilarious sock game – imaginatively entitled ‘Sock Game’!

The Linda Dale players thrilled us with Goldilocks and the Three Bears Panto – with many topical references to the Trinity Luncheon Club – “who’s been sitting in my seat”, “who’s eaten the skin on the porridge that’s the best bit”, “Elaine and Cliff will make more porridge and build new chairs and beds because they are so kind”.

As always we were blessed with more food than we could bear for our faith supper. The table of puddings and cakes was an impressive sight – and so delicious! A special mention for the kitchen crew who panda’d to our every need and did sterling work amongst the soap suds amidst much hilarity.

Another super event – thanks so much to everyone for all their help – we went home tired but happy little teddy bears.

Sue Covill