1. The Circuit will seek the appointment of a Probationer Presbyter to cover Harlow Hill and Woodlands from 1st September 2019.
  2. The Circuit Meeting approves the model of a ‘Pastor in Every Church’ and tasks the Circuit Leadership Team and the 20+ Group to begin the roll-out of this model initially at Trinity, Pannal and Wesley Churches to assist in the Superintendent’s workload but by 2025 to aim to have the model in place across the circuit.
  3. The Circuit approves being an example of this model to other circuits in the District and to seek District support in its implementation here.
  4. The Circuit agrees that by 2025 we may need to have looked further at specialisms within the team, eg rural ministry, children and youth, 3rd Age and how we work across our geographic locations.
  5. The Circuit Meeting approves a small change in the deployment of ministerial staff from 1st September 2019.  Wesley Chapel will move from the Harlow Hill/Woodlands section and will fall under the Pastoral Charge of the Superintendent along with Trinity and Pannal.
  6. The Circuit Meeting approves that the other sections of the circuit will stay the same at present – Grace Cauldwell (Bilton Area, Hampsthwaite, Killinghall), Ann Fox (Starbeck, Park Grove, Scotton), Gordon Hay (Gracious Street, Kirk Hammerton, Kearby).
  7. The Circuit Meeting approves that Grace Cauldwell be tasked with working with the rural churches and with those Presbyters in Pastoral Charge (ie Ann and Gordon) to see where there are synergies of work.
  8. The Circuit Meeting approves that Gordon Hay be tasked with seeing how Gracious Street can further support the work of Park Grove and vice versa working with both congregations and with Ann Fox.
  9. The Circuit Meeting approves that Ann Fox joins the Team Ministry at Wesley Chapel alongside Ben Clowes, with a focus on developing Town Centre Ministry, the links with Wesley Centre and also as an opportunity to see how the ‘Pastor’ model might work in practice.
  10. The Circuit Meeting notes that 20+ have begun work on a replacement Diaconal role and asks that, with reference to expertise across the District and within the Methodist Diaconal Order, a new role profile is created by the March 2019 meeting taking into account other ministry options such as Lay or Pioneer.  This role profile should also include considerations of the financial impact involved in creating the new role.