2020 Vision

Planning for the future




Opticians refer to 2020 Vision as a way to describe the clarity of vision. It is dependent on 3 factors: Sharpness of the focus, the health and function of the retina & sensitive interpretation by the brain. 

The Nidd Valley Circuit wishes to provide a vision for the next few years, which will take us to 2020, and this will require:

  1.  A sharp focus about who we are and what we do 
  2.  An understanding of the health of the church in its different parts 
  3.  A sensitive interpretation of the information we have and will seek to have. 


The Mission and ministry of the Methodist Church in the Nidd Valley Circuit is primarily delivered at a local level through individual churches. Each church is unique in its setting within a specific community and the variety of people who attend. Therefore it is important that each church is treated in accordance with its own identity. It is recognised and understood that a way of working and serving in one community will differ from church to church. 

The Circuit, through the Circuit meeting, Staff and Stewards, will support the growth of discipleship and identified mission opportunities through the effective use of staff, property and finance which is available. The Methodist Church, both locally and connexionally is facing a number of challenges and it is recognised that we cannot continue as we have done in the past. Creative new ways of thinking and working are required within the Circuit meeting, Leadership Team and local churches. The Leadership Team, with the assistance of the Mission and Vision Group has been requested to provide a clear medium term plan with regards to mission and staffing priorities, for adoption and implementation by the Circuit meeting and local churches. During 2015 local churches provided copies of their Mission Statements, reflected on their own mission objectives and responded to the existing Circuit Aims & Priorities document. 

In 2016, the following have been given priority in the life of the circuit:- 

1) It is important that there is clarity, honesty and understanding in assessing the vitality and witness of each local church. Therefore, members of the Circuit Leadership Team have participated in conversations with local Church Councils /Church stewards / Leadership Teams to help them identify their role as a church. The results of these conversations have been discussed at the Circuit Mission and Vision meeting, and in the autumn of this year, letters will be sent to all the churches which will encourage and challenge them in their mission and ministry. 

2) Following conversations at the June 2015 Circuit meeting, the churches were encouraged, where appropriate, to explore and develop what it means to work as a section and/ or ecumenically. Ideas of how this could work have been provided by the Mission & Vision Team and it is encouraging to hear from those sections who are exploring new ways of working together and the Circuit encourages this to develop throughout the circuit.

3) The Invitations Committee have been requested to review the current and future staffing requirements, and to consider the creative use of team ministry over the next 5 years. It is desired that this review will not only consider traditional models of church but also opportunities for outreach.

4) In the light of 2020 Vision – Planning for the future, the Mission and Vision Group, on behalf of the Leadership Team has recommended changes to the Organisation and Structure document of the Circuit and this will be ratified by the autumn Circuit meeting.

In addition to these 4 core priorities, other areas of future or ongoing work identified include:

  • The Circuit Leadership team encourages and will support the continued exploration and provision of worship which is appropriate to the identified missional context of the local church.
  • Local churches and staff are encouraged to develop their contacts with local schools 
  • Each local church to develop existing contacts or create new contacts with community groups in which they serve. 
  • Effective communication strategies are vital for the future development of the Circuit. 
  • The Circuit will be encouraged to discern how the voice of Methodism can speak into issues of social justice. 
  • The Circuit, through staff and other identified people will provide training and teaching as required. 
  • Any Circuit events which are arranged will need to be well planned and promoted. 
  • 2020 Vision – Planning for the future is intended to be a living document which is continually reviewed and modified in accordance with changing circumstances, and will be used to provide focus for the Circuit each year.