Message from  Wesley Chapel Minister: Rev. Christine Gillespie

When I was a child the church collection envelopes carried the text, ‘Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also’.  (Mt 6: 21)  I expect that the person who selected that verse hoped it would encourage people to give generously to the church.

I wonder though, whether we could allow it to challenge us to consider how as a church we use the treasure we have been given.  In the round of meetings which will begin in September we will look at the balance sheet, affirm that our money has been accounted for correctly and decide how much we can afford to spend after our regular commitments are met.

Could we go further than this?  Could  we consider what percentage of our ‘treasure’ is used for mission or children’s work or helping the needy or in maintaining our buildings?  All of these activities need to be done, all are part of our responsibility and all need to be supported financially.  I wonder, though, what we will discover if we compare the top five priorities in our Mission Statement with the top five items on the outgoings page of our accounts?  Could the examination of the church accounts help us to see ourselves and our priorities more clearly?  Might looking at the accounts in this way help us to become more fully the people we hope and seek to be?

Rev. Christine Gillespie