Latest News at Pannal

April brings with it many things ...showers, lambs, longer days...and for the congregation at PMC at least one and often, as happened this year, two significant ecumenical services. The first was Palm Sunday which began with a short act of worship at St Robert's at the close of which we departed to the strains of song and followed Nigel the donkey up the hill through the village to our church for the conclusion of the service. Happily the sun shone which made the walk a pleasant time of fellowship.

The second event was the joint confirmation service which alternates between the churches. This year St Robert’s hosted and Reverends Mark Godfrey and John Smith were joined by Bishop of Leeds Nick Baines as a group of young people were received into membership. Pannal Methodist Church welcomed new members Betty French and Lily Hagen.

Between these two services we celebrated Easter Day with Mark taking his last service with us before his sabbatical. We will miss both him and Jenny but were pleased that many of us could share the celebration of their time in Harrogate at the party held for them at Trinity. Some of our talented stitchers produced a beautiful picture which was presented to them along with some vouchers.  (See page 10).

The months ahead will offer us a time of reflection as we await the arrival of our new minister Rev. Ben Clowes and his family and prayerfully consider the way we would like to see our Christian life develop at Pannal as we move into a new era. We are delighted that during this time Deacon Rosemary Coggrave will be returning to Pannal as our Pastoral lead.

We're hoping for fine weather for two further events - no shortage of optimism here! -- an afternoon picnic and ecumenical service on Pannal village green on 25 June  and the Church Anniversary service on 2 July. Andrew Johnson will be returning from Cornwall to lead this celebration which will be followed by a walk and picnic.

The film nights are growing in popularity with the locals - there has certainly been something for everyone to enjoy - but sadly the season has now ended until the autumn. Our community teas however continue to offer companionship to our neighbours and, at the request of the Crystal Court staff who found it difficult to bring residents to us, a small group have started to take the teas to them. It would be lovely to meet some of you there.

Enjoy the summer everyone!

Community Tea dates: 2.30pm to 4pm Tuesday 23 May and 27 June (Strawberry Tea).

Gill Parkin