Latest news at Harlow Hill

Good Friday.    As a service was not on the Plan at Harlow Hill, the doors of our church were open for a short act of worship. This was led by members of the congregation. We sat in a circle in the church around a table with a simple wooden cross, the bible and a candle.  We listened quietly to music from John Rutter's Requiem at the beginning, shared meditations, prayers, bible readings
and a hymn and closed with a piece from Stainer's Crucifixion. We all found this a very meaningful experience. Those walking past the doors were reminded it was a significant day in the Christian calendar. Ros Crew

Messy Church.    We remain delighted by the positive approach to our alternative church on a Saturday! Our themes for this year have set us off searching for treasure, tackling obstacle courses, testing out the floatability of boats, making a fine old mess with cornflour, skills tests in the garden and creating some wonderful perfume diffusers. All activities are Bible based and everyone who comes gets to have a go! The shared meal at the end of Messy Church is always popular and each month Andrew creates for us a marvellous tea. We all sit and eat together around one table, all ages together. Our families meet on the second Saturday of the month from 4 - 6pm. All are welcome.

Charlotte South.

Fellowship Group.  We met each week during Lent,  a meeting that means so much to us.  It gave us the chance to study the meaning of Lent,  but also to meet together on a regular basis. We followed a study set by York Courses called Receiving Christ in five different ways: As Children of God, in the stranger and needy, in Holy Communion, through prayer and fellowship and, finally, Christ in you, the hope of glory.

Several challenging issues arose. Aren’t we all children of God anyway? Just how can we receive Christ? And what does it mean to have a relationship with God?. Needless to say, we were challenged and at the end of the study we all realised, if we didn’t already know, that the Gospel has very practical implications for our day to day lives. We now continue to meet monthly on the second Tuesday of the month at 2pm and should you wish to join us you would be most welcome.

Brian Hume